Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jute Webbing Growth Chart

I found the idea for a cute Portable Growth Chart at WhipperBerry.  I really wanted to make some for my kids.  I looked for the jute webbing at Wal-Mart and JoAnn's, with no luck.  
I then tried to order off the internet to be told it was more than a month out.  So, I gave up on the project. A few weeks later I wandered by the Wal-Mart fabric department and there it was!
I followed WhipperBerry's instructions, but decided to make mine 7 feet tall so that there was room for the names, grommet and 6 feet plus of measurements.
Instead of using safety pins, I removed the ring from the key tags and sewed them on with a few stitches.
You could even attach them with a stapler or cute brads.
I decided to make one for our family.  I stenciled our last name at the top and bought the colored key tags at Office Max.  I assigned each kid a color and wrote their name on one of their colored key tags and attached them to the top by our last name.
 I love that I can fold them up and take them with us, or keep them in a box until their annual birthday measuring.
They are also very cute hanging.
I decided I wanted to keep the supplies on hand to make one more, in case we have more kids.  This time I couldn't find the webbing at Wal-Mart again, but I did find it at JoAnns.  Go figure...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Random Reviews

A while ago I was trying to find information on an Ikea bunk bed.  
 I came across this blog that had a review of the bed.
She hasn't updated it in a few years, but I love her idea of reviewing products, with specific information, like how big the box is and how they fit in her van.  It was definitely a good source of information.