Monday, January 23, 2012

Zevia All Natural Soda

I received my Zevia sample kit from Moms Meet last week.  After searching for it at a few local stores with no luck, I checked the website and realized I had to go a little further to use my coupons.  When we found it we decided to try every flavor the store carried, so we bought 4 six packs .
My kids loved it.  I don't usually like them to drink soda so they thought this was great.
I also shared our samples with a neighbor who really cares about health and giving her girls natural products.  They were as excited to try Zevia as my kids were.
Each kid has their favorite flavor, my daughter likes the Black Cherry.
My son likes the Dr. Zevia.
And the youngest liked the Cola.
They were so excited to have some left over to take to school in their lunch, and because it is all natural I don't have to feel bad sending it!

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