Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Rules

We have had a problem around here with tattling and not doing chores correctly (if at all).  So, in order to help make our house a cleaner, more peaceful place, we have come up with some family rules.
 Once the rules were printed out and placed around the house, we had to figure out a way to make sure that they were followed and consequences if they weren't.
I bought some of these colored craft sticks from the dollar store.  I made sure to get enough packages that I would have 50 sticks for each kid.  I then found some empty plastic jars and labeled them.
When a rule is broken, a stick is taken out of the "offender's" jar and put in to mine.  Each stick is worth 10 cents, so at the end of the week they get the appropriate amount of allowance based on how many sticks they have left in their jar.
This method seems to be working.  They like to be able to see how well their week is going just by looking at Mom's jar!  I was inspired by Hogwart's house point system.  Now all I need is a magic wand to remove the sticks as needed!

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