Monday, June 27, 2011

Tin Can Treats

I found this fun craft/gift idea using tin cans.  They used the cans for Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation, then they updated it for Father's Day.
I decided to make three cans.  Two for Father's Day and one for a neighbor having a stressful time of life.
I followed their directions and put in a bag of sunflower seeds and a gift card for the dad's and chocolate for my neighbor.
I changed their quote for my neighbor's can.
And printed the label for the Father's Day can.
I was very glad to read that the bottom of their can was a mess from the gluing also! It definitely did not look pretty, but the final product turned out really cute.
I just need to invest in a better paper cutter, so that my paper doesn't look so ragged where I cut it!  Any suggestions?

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