Thursday, June 16, 2011

Simple, Surprising Solution

I took my kids to a local garden last week and I took this picture that I really liked of the three of them.  But, I was bugged that my son's shirt didn't match his brother and sister's.  I should have planned ahead and had them match...but I didn't.  I tried using the GIMP photo editing software (which I love) to fix it, but I am not that skilled, and even after reading some tutorials on the subject I wasn't having much luck.

In this picture I left a lot of color on the edges.

And in this one I couldn't get in the creases or the back of his shirt.

My husband suggested I use the "remove red eye" feature on the whole picture and it worked!  Quickly and simply!  Obviously this wouldn't have worked if his shirt had not been red, but it was so simple this time. It is just another reminder to rethink things that are giving you trouble.  Maybe get a second opinion or take some time away from the project.  Another solution is always waiting to be found!

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