Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Calendar & Menu Board

 I found these magnet boards at Roberts for pretty cheap a few years ago and decided to make it into a calendar and menu board.  My sister made me a vinyl grid, numbers, "Menu", "To Do List" and month names.  All of these things could be done with electrical tape and cute stickers.
Then I bought two of these tiles from Lowe's and broke it apart to use the square tiles for the numbers.
(If any one has any great ideas for what to do with the octagon tiles, I would love to hear them!)
I applied the number stickers and glued magnets on the back.
For a while I was using little slips of paper with the menu item printed on it and a magnet on the back for the menu.  But, that didn't work so well because I try a lot of new recipes.  I have found that a dry-erase marker works great.
I  printed out small pictures of each member of the family to mod-podge to a tile to use for birthday's.  I also have shapes for each holiday: heart for Valentines and Anniversary, Shamrock for St. Patricks, etc.
I added an emergency contact paper with all of the important numbers that my kids need to know.
This was a fairly easy project.  I love it because every time my kids (or husband) ask "What's for dinner?"  My answer is always "What does the board say?"!
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