Thursday, May 26, 2011

End of Year Teacher Gift - M&M Poem

 For an end of year teacher gift, I found this cute M&M poem online.  I don't remember exactly where I got it from, but it is really easy to find if you search for it.  I bought some glass jars from Ikea and filled them with M&M's.  Each jar took about 2 regular size packages of M&M's.

Then using my digital scrapbooking program I made a 5x7 with the poem printed four different times with the teacher's name on each card and each of my kid's names.  Doing it as a 5x7 I was able to have each card be approximately wallet size and I only had to pay about 40 cents to have it printed.  The wallet size seemed to work out well with the size of the jars.
I hope that the teachers like this gift.  We appreciate everything they do for our kids!

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